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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ask a question, get help, or provide feedback?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please send an email to: We will respond within 24 hours.

How do I get Credits for free?

We at Climax Castle love to reward our members! Here are all the ways to get free credits and discounts:

  • If you buy credits in bulk (60 Credits or more) you will ALWAYS receive a 10% discount off your purchase!
  • When you become a member, your Welcome Email contains a promo code for 10 free Credits when you purchase 30 Credits.
  • Check Castle News on your member dashboard often! Every month we offer limited-time flash sales for free credits or discounts.
  • Every Goddess has a unique promo code as well, but you’ll have to ask them about it…

Do Credits expire?

Nope, never!

Can I contact a Goddess for free?

Yes! Click on the Message button on her profile. You are limited to 5 messages per 24-hour period.

The Goddess I want to talk to is offline, now what?

Send her a free Message to set up a time for a call. You can even use it as foreplay! Get the conversation started and decide on a topic or role-play prior to the call.

It looks like a Goddess is available, why can’t I click on her Call button?

This means the Goddess is currently only available for Live Chat. If you haven’t tried sexting with a Goddess, give it a shot, it can be just as naughty as a call! If you ask, she may take your call, you never know unless you ask.

How does Live Chat work?

Live Chat works just like texting and it’s just as easy. You can send her as many messages as you’d like. You are only charged 1 Credit for her initial response to your message(s). If she sends you two messages back to back, you are only charged for the first one. You’ll only be charged again if you send a new message and she responds to that new message.

How do Calls work?

Simply click on the Call button on the Goddess’ profile. You’ll have the option to connect to her directly or dial in. We will give you a one-time code to use to make sure you’re routed to the correct Goddess. After our automated greeting, you’ll be connected to your Goddess, then the fun begins. It’s that easy!

Will I be given a warning before my call ends?

Yes! One minute before you are out of Credits, you’ll hear an automated message stating that you have one minute remaining. The Goddess will not hear this message. You will have the option to buy more credits before your call ends.

What company name will show up on my credit card statement?

We care about your privacy! Our company name, McKenzie Digital Media, LLC, is the business name that will show up on your bank statement.

Why do I have to buy Credits?

Buying Credits makes things easy for everyone! Some phone sex companies make you buy minutes for each operator you want to talk to or make separate transactions for tips and merchandise. Not Climax Castle!

Buying Credits allows you to make one purchase for all transactions and use them whenever you want to talk to multiple Goddesses and make any transactions on our site. You no longer have to make multiple transactions in one day.

Not to mention it’s a lot more secure than giving your credit card number to an operator you don’t know.

How do I know my payments are secure?

Climax Castle does not collect your credit card information. We go through CC Bill, a reputable third-party payment merchant. If you take a look at their online reviews, you’ll see they are trusted worldwide.