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Slutty Little Homewrecker Loves Chasing Married Cock

Slutty Little Homewrecker seduces married man

Sorry, Not Sorry! Yes, I’m a Slutty Little Homewrecker 

What can I say? I love chasing married cock. It turns me on to make a committed man cheat with me, it gets me off like nothing else. I know a lot of married men will agree the act of sneaking around really heightens everything. From the initial desire, to the fantasizing, then the fucking, and finally, the climax; it’s all so much better when you know it’s forbidden. And that’s the type of naughty sexual experience a slutty little homewrecker like me is always looking for. When men tell me that they are happily married or resist my overt sexual advances, it just makes me want them that much more. I don’t interpret that as a hard no. I interpret it as a challenge that I excitedly accept. And, I must confess, I have yet to be denied exactly what I want. 

There’s so many places a slutty little homewrecker can find her prey. From a nerdy neighbor, to a hot stud at the gym, every man is free game for me. Recently, I’ve found a nice little niche at high-end hotels where business men tend to linger at the bar. I always look for the hottest guy wearing a wedding band and take a seat at the bar next to him. I make sure to ignore him while I order my drink. That allows his desire to stir and his eyes freely wander my body. From my black stiletto heels, up my silky smooth long legs, up to the hem of my tight black dress that sits just a few inches from my naughty bits. Usually, he looks away at this point, feeling his cock twitch and his guilt kick in. 

He Has No Idea He’s Already Caught in My Web

So, I quietly, patiently twirl my little black straw in my drink and let the ice cubes clink around the glass. Meanwhile, he steals a few more glances in my direction and his fantasizing begins. I feel his gaze so I delicately, seductively lick my full lips. He can’t help but let his eyes linger on my glossy red lips and he has to stop himself from imagining those lips wrapped around his hard cock. Now, he convinces himself that chatting with me is completely harmless and he stares at me so I’ll glance over at him. It always amuses me how he thinks that he’s in control at this point. All he wants to do is flirt with me a little bit, he thinks. But, he has no idea he’s already caught in the web of a slutty little homewrecker. 

He introduces himself and we share some bullshit small talk. He tells me he’s in town on business and I offer to buy the next round of drinks. We get a little tipsy and he loosens up and starts flirting a little more with me. He tells me I’m beautiful and I rest my hand on his knee. That’s the moment where I see his mind is at a fork in the road of decisions. Does he want to continue down this dangerous path of flirting with me or does he excuse himself and say he needs to get up early? His guilty conscience kicks in and he leans over and whispers in my ear, “I just want to let you know I’m married.” He holds up his left hand and shows me his gold wedding band around his ring finger. 

What Do You Think a Slutty Little Homewrecker Does at This Point? 

I smiled, leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I don’t care.” Then I ran my tongue up the curve of his ear. He turned toward me and for a split second we locked eyes. Our sexual desire for each other burned between our gaze and we both leaned into each other. He ran his hand up my neck and through my long dark hair, gripping a fist full as he pushed my head towards his. I parted my lips slightly yearning for the taste of him. He kissed me deeply and we were lost in our desire for a few erotic moments at the hotel bar. When we parted I again whispered in his ear, “Let’s go to your room.” Without a word, he took my hand and we headed to the elevators. During this walk, he must have had a sobering moment. 

As we waited for the elevator, he turned to me suddenly and said, “I’ve never cheated before. I don’t think I can do this. I’m so sorry.” He let go of my hand but a slutty little homewrecker never takes no for an answer. I absolutely love it when they try to resist me. So, when the elevator doors opened, I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. I know he wanted this just as much as I did, he just needed a little convincing. We were finally all alone as the elevator doors closed. I locked eyes with him and told him, “Don’t worry, no one will ever know.” Then I grabbed his hand and glided his fingers up my soft inner thighs all the way up to my bare, smooth pussy lips. I wasn’t wearing any panties, of course. 

His Primal Desire for me Returned, Just Like That 

The once hesitant married man now couldn’t get his room unlocked fast enough. And before he could even turn on the lights he was kicking off his shoes and tearing off his tie. Soon, he was completely naked and his big, thick cock stood at attention just for me. I was still in my little black dress. I enjoyed watching his renewed enthusiasm for cheating with a slutty little homewrecker. He approached me and glided his hands up my thighs and underneath my dress, and squeezed my bare ass cheeks. We kissed messily, passionately as he removed my dress. He asked me to keep my black stiletto heels on. I nodded and slowly dropped to my knees before him. He finally got to feel what it was like to have my red lips wrapped around his hard, throbbing cock. 

I maintained eye contact with him as I delicately sucked on his cock head. His breathing increased and he gripped my long dark hair in both hands. Then he guided my head and began fucking my pretty little mouth. The taste of his precum at the back of my throat made my pussy so fucking wet and ready for his cock. Finally, I pulled my mouth away from his cock so I could speak and said, “Please fuck my pussy, I need your cock inside me!” He told me to get on the bed, so I got on all fours and stuck my ass in the air, still wearing my stiletto heels. He got behind me and slammed his thick cock inside my wet, tight pussy. I gasped loudly as he stretched me. He fucked me so hard and his cock hit my clit just right, over and over. 

I Want to be Your Dirty Little Secret

My ultimate climax as a slutty little homewrecker is being able to cum all over a married guy’s cock. And I got my wish two times back to back. He made sure not to cum inside me and instead came all over my ass cheeks. Afterwards, we laid on the bed together, exhausted. I knew he may start having regrets at this point so I told him, “I only want to be your dirty little secret and nothing more.” Then I got up to shower quickly before leaving. In the middle of soaping up and cleaning all the cum off my ass, he joined me in the shower and said he needed to have me just one more time. 

Once they have me, married men always want more. The sex is so much hotter when it’s a dirty little secret. And I’d love to be yours. We can have so much fun sneaking around and getting off with each other. Let’s explore all your fantasies and desires and cum together. There’s no limits with a girl like me, a slutty little homewrecker. 


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Jenna- Slutty Little Homewrecker